Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 9. The most beautiful city


1. Comparing Two Things - 2. Liking / Not Likings - 3. Would Like To

They have lunch and talk about differences.

STEVE So Anne, have you been to an Australian home before?

ANNE No, never. It's a beautiful home Sarah. So big! The rooms are much bigger than at home. There's more space here.

STEVE Do you live in a house?

MARK No Steve – she lives in an igloo.

ANNE Actually, no. We live in an apartment. Most people do. Singapore is much busier than Adelaide, and more crowded.

STEVE Yeah, and more exciting. It's so boring here.

SARAH It's quieter. Some people like that.

ANNE I don't think it's boring.

MARK Adelaide is a very beautiful city. It's a better place to live than anywhere else I've been.

SARAH But you haven't been anywhere. (to ANNE) Mark hates travelling. I love it.

MARK I just don't see the point of it.

ANNE What about you Steve? Do you like to travel?

STEVE Yes. Yeah, I've been to Kula Lumpur, and to Bali. Bali's great!

LOUISE I've been to the zoo!
They laugh. ANNE smiles

ANNE You're lucky. I haven't been to the zoo. I'd love to go to the zoo.

STEVE I'll take you!
There are raised eyebrows at the table.

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