Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 5. Are you married?


1. About Nationality - 2. About Age - 3. The Numbers - 4. About Occupation - 5. Other Questions about a person

ANNE describes her brother to the private investigator.

ANNE Can you help me?

JOHN Well I’ll try. Now tell me about your brother Ms Lee. How old is he?

ANNE He’s twenty-three.

JOHN Well that would make him your younger brother. What’s his name?

ANNE David.

JOHN And what does he do?

ANNE He’s a student. Or – he was a student. I don’t know where he is.

JOHN (looks at the photo)
Hmmm. How tall is he?

ANNE About a hundred and seventy-five centimetres.

JOHN Hmmm. And does he speak English?

ANNE Yes. He speaks English and Chinese. Mr Barbour – can you find him?

JOHN I’ll certainly try. Now, tell me a little about yourself Miss Lee. Where are you from?

ANNE I come from Singapore. I’m Singaporean.

JOHN Right, and how old are you?

ANNE I’m twenty-five.

JOHN What do you do?

ANNE I import wine. I’m a businesswoman. I work in my family’s business.

JOHN And are you married?

ANNE No, I’m single.

JOHN you have a boyfriend?

ANNE Pardon?

JOHN Oh sorry. We private detectives are a naturally curious bunch. Ms Lee, perhaps you’d better tell the whole story.

ANNE It all started two years ago...

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