Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 41. If I like you


1. Hopes For The Future | 2. If

ANNE and SARAH, and STEVE and ANNE discuss the future.

SARAH Well, you found your brother, you’ve ordered your wine, and tomorrow you’re going home.

ANNE Yes, Sarah, thank you for everything.

SARAH But you’ll come back, won’t you?

ANNE Yes, if the wine sells well, I’ll be back soon. I feel as if I have a second family here.

SARAH I’d love to come and see you in Singapore.

ANNE Oh yes! I’ll show you around. And you must meet my parents. That’d be great.

SARAH Well, if our business goes well, I’ll be able to afford it.

ANNE There’s no ‘ifs’ about it. You’re a very good agent. I’m so happy you’re my buyer here.

STEVEIf you like, I’ll come to Singapore with Sarah.

ANNE I’d like that very much. You can meet my parents too.

STEVE Do you think they’ll like me?

ANNE Of course they’ll like you. If I like you, they’ll like you.

SARAH I think I’d better leave you two alone. Ring me if you need help with packing.

STEVE I’ve only just met you. And now you’re leaving.

ANNE But I’ll come back. If you want me to.

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