Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 40. He said he loved me


1. What Did...? | 2. Reported Speech | 3. As Soon As Possible | 4. Inflection / Stress

DAVID reports his conversation to the others.

DAVID Goodbye. I’ll see you soon. Yeah, I promise. I love you too.

SARAH Well? What did they say?

DAVID My mother said she was glad that I’m okay. She said she was happy to hear my voice. She told me that she’s been very worried.

ANNE What about dad? What did he say?

DAVID He said he was very angry, but that he forgives me, and he told me that he loves me.

ANNE Of course he loves you. He’s your father!

ROSE Did he say anything else?

DAVID Yes, he asked me to go home. He said they want to see us.

ROSE All of us?

DAVID Yes. They want to meet you. And Sam. They asked us to go to Singapore.

ROSE But we can’t afford it.

DAVID He’s sending us tickets.

ANNE Of course he is. He loves you, David. We all do. And now there is Rose and Sam too.

ROSE I’d love to meet your parents David. And Sam wants to meet his grandparents. They’re our family

DAVID I’m so sorry.

ROSE It’s okay. It’s all out now. We’ll go as soon as possible.

ANNE You can come with me.

STEVE What about me? Can I come too?

SARAH You’re not family, Steve.

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