Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 4. Second on the Left


1. Asking Directions - 2. Present Continuous Tense - 3. Visiting - 4. Directions

ANNE is looking for JOHN’s office. A WOMAN is waiting
at a bus stop. ANNE approaches her.

ANNE Excuse me.


ANNE Could you tell me how to get to Mitchell Street?

WOMAN Yes. You’re going the wrong way. You need to go straight along here, past the silver balls, turn left, and it’s the second on the right, opposite the Town Hall.

ANNE Thankyou very much.

You’re welcome.
ANNE follows the directions. She approaches a shopkeeper.

ANNE Excuse me.


ANNE I’m looking for number 23. Barbour’s Private Investigator.

SHOPKEEPER Over there. Next to the trees.

ANNE Oh. Thankyou

SHOPKEEPER Good luck. You’ll need it.
ANNE enters the building and goes up the stairs. She knocks at the

JOHN Come in!
ANNE enters and looks around.

JOHN (to ANNE) Sorry.
(to phone) Yes, any time…yes usual rates. Must go now. Right. Goodbye. Julia. Bye.
He hangs up and leaps to shake ANNE’s hand.

ANNE Mr Barbour?

JOHN John. Private investigator. You must be Ms Lee. Please sit down.
She does so, hesitantly.

JOHN Now - what can I do for you Ms Lee?
She puts the photo of DAVID on his desk.

ANNE Could you find him for me?

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