Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 38. You Should Ring Your Parents


1. Can't I...? | 2. Should Have, Could Have & Ought To | 3. Persuading

They discuss what DAVID should do.

ANNE They’ll be so relieved you’re safe. We didn’t know what to think, David.

DAVID Can’t I just disappear? You can pretend I don’t exist.

ANNE You should have told me. I could have helped. Didn’t you realise we’d come and look for you?

DAVID I just couldn’t face Dad.

ANNE You could have told your sister.

DAVID I ought to have told you Anne. I should have trusted you. I’m so sorry.

ANNE He’s so beautiful David. You can’t keep him from Mum and Dad.

ROSE They’re your flesh and blood, David. They’re Sam’s grandparents. Don’t you think they’ll want to see him? Don’t you think I want to meet your parents?

ANNE Rose is right David. Mum and Dad so much want to be grandparents.

DAVID But not like this!

STEVE Your secret’s out now.

SARAH Steve!

ANNE It’s alright Sarah. Steve’s right. I think David knows what he has to do.

DAVID What do you suggest?

DAVID Hello Mum. It’s me, David. Yeah, I’m Okay, I’m alright. Anne found me. Yeah, I’m working. Look, I’m so sorry that I didn’t call you. Can you forgive me? Yeah okay, alright. I love you too. Yeah, Alright. Mum’s crying. She’s gone to get Dad. He’s going to be so angry. Hello dad?

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