Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 37. I had to find a job


1. Past Tenses | 2. Have | 3. Success & Failure

DAVID tells his story

ANNE What happened? Why did you stop writing?

DAVID I started my course at University. It was very difficult. Computer science isn’t for me.

ANNE Did you fail your exams?

DAVID Yes. I let everyone down. I just wanted to die. Dad must be so angry.

ANNE He’s just worried about you, David.

DAVID I didn’t know what to do. I was so confused. I had to find a job. I couldn’t use father’s money any more. So, I applied for a job at the Markets. Phil was very kind. He agreed to give me a job if I could get a working visa.

ANNE How did you?

DAVID I went home and applied for it.

ANNE You mean you went back to Singapore?

DAVID Yes. I was too ashamed to see anyone. I’m such a failure.
ROSE takes David’s hand.

ROSE I don’t think you’re a failure.

DAVID Anyway, I returned here, and I started work. I met Rose, we moved in together, and, well, then Sam came along.

STEVE It’s an amazing story.

SARAH I think it’s wonderful.

DAVID Mum and dad won’t think it’s that wonderful.

ANNE They’ll be so relieved you’re safe. We didn’t know what to think, David.

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