Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 36. This is your nephew


1. Introductions | 2. Relative Pronouns | 3. Relatives

ANNE meets her brother’s family

ROSE You’d better come in.

ROSE You didn’t tell me you had a sister.
(Turning to the others)
David hasn’t told me very much about his family.

DAVID I’m so sorry. Anne, I feel very bad about not contacting you.

ANNE I just can’t believe it. I was looking for you, thinking that something terrible must have happened and here you are playing house!

DAVID There’s someone you should meet.
He takes ANNE to a corner of the room where there is a crib with a cover over it. He folds back the cover. There is a baby there.

DAVID This is our son, Sam. Sam, meet your Aunt Anne.

ANNE David! My little brother – a father! He’s beautiful! David, why didn’t you tell me about Rose. Why didn’t you tell me you were a father?

ROSE I think I would like to know that too.

ANNE I would have come and helped you.

DAVID It’s hard to explain.

ANNE I have some friends outside who helped me find you. I think you need to tell us all what happened.

ROSE I’ll go and get them.
DAVID picks SAM up out of his crib, and passes him to ANNE.

ANNE I’m an aunt!
ROSE comes in with the others.

ANNE Sarah, Steve. This is my brother David and his partner, Rose. And this is my nephew Sam.

SARAH He’s gorgeous!

I know you. You…

STEVE …shop at your stall. Yeah.

DAVID Green apples. He always wants green apples.

STEVE That’s right. You have a good memory David.

ROSE I think you’d better all sit down.

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