Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 33. Who Wants to Know?


1. Directions | 2. Present Perfect Continuous | 3. Present Perfect

ANNE, STEVE and SARAH look for DAVID at the Market stall.
STEVE leads them to the fruit and veg stall where ANNE thinks she saw DAVID.

ANNE He’s not here.

STEVE Give me the photo. I’ll ask.
ANNE gives him the photo and STEVE goes up to the FRUITSELLER.

STEVE Excuse me!


STEVE We’re looking for this man. He works here, doesn’t he?

FRUITSELLER Who wants to know?

STEVE This is his sister. She’s been looking for him.

FRUITSELLER Don’t know anything about a sister. He never mentioned a sister.

ANNE But it is him, isn’t it? Please say it’s him!

FRUITSELLER Yeah, well this does look like our Davo. Reckon it’s him, love.

ANNE Oh thankyou, thankyou! It’s David!

STEVE I knew it!
Turns to Fruitseller

STEVE So where is he?

FRUITSELLER Look I dunno, mate. He rang yesterday. Said he wanted a couple of days off. I said okay – he’s usually pretty good.

ANNE Do you know where he lives?

FRUITSELLER Hang on love, I’ll just get me book.

SARAH We’ll go there straight away.
Later, they are driving.

STEVE Straight ahead?

SARAH Yes, no, left at the next lights.

ANNE How far is it?

SARAH Not far. Keep going along this road until you get to a roundabout.
A police motorbike catches up with them and turns on its siren.

STEVE Uh oh.

SARAH What’s that?

STEVE It’s the cops.

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