Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 3. What time is it?


1. Making An Appointment - 2. Can - 3. Will and 'll - 4. The Time - 5. Preposition with Time

In her hotel room, Anne rings a number.
John Barbour, the private detective, answers the phone.

JOHN Hello, Barbour’s Private Investigation. John Barbour speaking.

ANNE Hello. Can you find missing people?

JOHN Sometimes we can. Have you lost somebody?

ANN Yes.

JOHN Perhaps you’d like to tell me about it?

ANN Can I make an appointment please?

JOHN When would you like to come in?

ANNE Is tomorrow okay?

JOHN Let’s see… Yes, I can see you at ten o’clock. Will that suit you?

ANNE Okay, thankyou. (consults business card)
23 Mitchell Street – is that right?

JOHN That’s right. Second floor.

ANNE Okay. See you then. Goodbye.

JOHN Goodbye.
He puts down the phone and celebrates.

In her hotel room, Anne puts the phone down, and rings again.

CLERK Hello?

ANNE Hello. Reception? What time is it please?

CLERK It’s five o’clock.

ANNE And what time do you serve dinner?

CLERK The restaurant opens in an hour, and dinner is served between six and nine pm.

ANNE And breakfast?

CLERK Breakfast is served between seven and nine thirty am ma’am.

ANNE Thankyou.

CLERK You’re welcome.
Anne puts the phone down, then notices the photo by her bed and picks it up again. There is a tear in her eye.

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