Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 29. Do you have a wok?


1. Some Useful Phrases | 2. Next To, Behind & In Front Of | 3. Attributes | 4. Enough

SARAH shows ANNE her kitchen
ANNE has her shopping in a bag. She puts it on the bench while SARAH shows her around the kitchen.

SARAH Are you feeling better now?

ANNE Yes, the Doctor said I should relax.

SARAH Why don’t you sit down? Let me cook.

ANNE No. I enjoy cooking. It is relaxing for me.

SARAH Okay then. Well, let me help. What do you need?

ANNE I need a sharp knife.

SARAH The knives are in this drawer.

ANNE And a wok. Do you have one?

SARAH Yes of course. It’s in this cupboard.

ANNE And do you have a …. Hmmm. I don’t know what it’s called. A kind of saucepan with holes in it.

SARAH A colander. It’s in here too. It’s behind the saucepan.

ANNE And I’ll need a bowl.

SARAH Large or small?

ANNE Big enough to hold these prawns.

SARAH Oh, yum, prawns. I love prawns. How about this one?
She holds up a very big bowl.

ANNE No, that’s too big. I don’t need one as big as that.

SARAH This one?

ANNE That’s perfect. Okay, I’m ready!

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