Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 21. Single trip or Daytrip?


1. Catching Buses & Trains | 2. How Questions

ANNE Does this bus go the University?

BUS DRIVER Yes miss.

ANNE How much is that?

BUS DRIVER Single or day trip?

ANNE Sorry?

BUS DRIVER Are you coming back today?


BUS DRIVER How long will you be at the university?

ANNE I’m not sure. An hour perhaps.

BUS DRIVER A single will do. You can use the same ticket to come back. That’s three dollars, please.

ANNE How far is it?

BUS DRIVER Not far. About four kilometres from here.

ANNE How many stops is it?

BUS DRIVER About ten.

ANNE Thankyou
She moves in and sits down.
The bus stops outside the university.

BUS DRIVER University! This is your stop miss.

ANNE Oh, thankyou. Where do I catch the bus to go back?

BUS DRIVER Just across the street. Over there.

ANNE How often do the buses come?

BUS DRIVER Every twenty minutes. You won’t have to wait long. It’s 10.30, the next one’s at 10.40, and then 11-o-clock.

ANNE Thanks. Goodbye.

BUS DRIVER Have a good day.

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