Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 20. You walk sadly


1. Advice & Sympathy | 2. Saying How You Feel | 3. Hope Not | 4. Adverbs

ANNE catches a bus to the University.
Anne walks to the bus stop. An elderly lady waiting for the bus watches her walk up. Anne sits next to her.

ELDERLY LADY Hello dear. How are you?

ANNE Very well thankyou.

ELDERLY LADY Are you sure? Is anything wrong?

ANNE No, I’m fine.

ELDERLY LADY I watched you walking. You walk sadly. I’m old. I walk slowly. But you walk sadly.

ANNE Well I do have a problem.

ELDERLY LADY Not too serious I hope?

ANNE I don’t know. I hope not.

ELDERLY LADY Worrying doesn’t help, my dear. Think positively. It helps. Do something, take action. You’ll be alright.

ANNE I hope so. Thankyou.

ELDERLY LADY Where are you from dear?

ANNE Singapore.

ELDERLY LADY You speak English very well.

ANNE Thankyou. Sometimes when people speak very quickly I can’t understand.

ELDERLY LADY Don’t worry. I speak slowly.
A bus is coming. The elderly lady squints at it.

ELDERLY LADY And I see badly these days. What number bus is that, dear?

ANNE It’s one ninety.

ELDERLY LADY At last. It was nice talking to you.

ANNE You too.

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