Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 2. Enjoy Your Stay


1. Saying Thankyou - 2. Saying Goodbye - 3. The Future Tense - 4. Paying - 5. Formal Titles

Sarah and Mark take Anne to her hotel. She checks in.[/I]
ANNE Thank you very much for picking me up.

SARAH You’re very welcome. Will you be alright here?

ANNE Thanks. I’ll be fine. And thankyou Mark, for helping with my
heavy bags.

MARK Don’t mention it.

SARAH Alright then. Nice to meet you finally. I’ll ring you tomorrow.

ANNE Nice to meet you too.

SARAH Goodbye.

CLERK Good morning. Would you like to check in?

ANNE Yes please.

CLERK And your name?

ANNE Anne Lee.

CLERK Ah yes. Could you just fill this out please?
How long will you be staying?

ANNE Two weeks.

CLERK Are you here on business?

ANNE Mainly business.

CLERK Will you need a hire car?

ANNE No thankyou.

CLERK And will you need a map of the city?

ANNE Maybe later.

CLERK Will you want a newspaper in the morning?

ANNE No thankyou.

CLERK OK. And how will you be paying Ms Lee?

ANNE Credit card.

CLERK Thankyou. Here’s your key. It’s room 309. Enjoy your stay Ms Lee.

ANNE Thankyou. I hope I will.

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