Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 19. I haven’t found him


1. Past Tense - 2. Pronouncing -ed - 3. Irregular Verbs - 4. Past Tense With Did & Didn’t - 5. Contractions

John tells Anne of his progress in finding her brother.
ANNE Have you found my brother?

JOHN Not yet. No. Not quite.

JOHN But I have found something.

ANNE What is it?

JOHN I went to the University. You said he was a student. I spoke to his professor, the head of the course he studied.

ANNE And what did he say? Does he know what happened?

JOHN Well, no. Not exactly. He didn’t know where your brother went. But he told me David had left the university. He stopped going to lectures.

ANNE When did he stop?

JOHN Oh, about a year ago. He didn’t tell anyone. But he left a letter with the Professor.

ANNE A letter! Have you got it? Where is it?

JOHN The professor has it. He wouldn’t give it to me because it was addressed to you. He left… ah, his card.

ANNE I’ll go and see him. Thankyou.

JOHN I found out something else.


JOHN Your brother had a girlfriend.

ANNE Really! He didn’t tell me. Who is she?

JOHN Well, I don’t know yet, but I’m sure I can find her. We’re closing in Ms Lee. Fear not.

ANNE Thankyou.

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