Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 18. There's a message for you


1. Letter Writing - 2. Excuse Me, Sorry & Pardon - 3. Going To / Gunna - 4. Kids & Teenagers

ANNE returns to the hotel, to find a message.
ANNE and STEVE return to the hotel courtyard.

STEVE Did you have a good day?

ANNE Very much. Thankyou for taking me. How about you?

STEVE Of course.

ANNE Not too boring? You must have been there a hundred times.

STEVE Not since I was a kid. It was great.

ANNE Hmmm. Do you like Chinese food?

STEVE I love Chinese food.

ANNE I’m going to cook a Chinese meal for you and your family.

STEVE Really! That’ll be great. When?

ANNE Friday?

STEVE Fantastic. I’ll see you then.

ANNE Yes, bye.

STEVE goes, pleased with his day. ANNE goes to collect her key from the CLERK, who doesn’t notice her. She coughs.

ANNE Excuse me.

CLERK I’m sorry Ms Lee. I didn’t see you.

ANNE Could I have my key please?

CLERK Certainly. Here you are. Oh, and there’s a message for you.
ANNE opens the message and reads it. It’s from JOHN the private

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