Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 17. I usually catch a bus


1. Talking About What You Do - 2. Getting To Work - 3. How Often? - 4. Possessive Apostrophe

ANNE and STEVE talk about their different lives.

STEVE Tell me about your life in Singapore. What do you do every day?

ANNE Well, I work in my father’s business, importing wines. I live with my family.

STEVE How do you get to work? Do you catch a bus?

ANNE Usually. Sometimes I go with my father in his car. What about you? What do you do?

STEVE I’m a builder. I build houses.

ANNE And how do you get to work?

STEVE I drive. I have to use my car for work. I never go by bus.

ANNE Do you enjoy it? Your work?

STEVE Mostly. It’s not easy, being a builder. But it’s outside. I prefer to work outside.

ANNE I never work outside. Occasionally I travel though – like now.

STEVE And what do you do on the weekend?

ANNE Sometimes I go shopping. Sometimes I go out.

STEVE Where do you go? Nightclubs?

ANNE Not really. Occasionally.

STEVE Who do you go with?

ANNE A bunch of friends.

STEVE Boy friend?

ANNE Not at the moment.
STEVE cheers up.

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