Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 16. What Would you Like?


1. Ordering Food - 2. Meals - 3. Have & Has - 4. Preferences

Anne and Steve have lunch.
ANNE and STEVE are at the counter getting some food.
The ASSISTANT is waiting for their order.

ASSISTANT What would you like?


ANNE Ummm…I’ll have a cheese and salad sandwich and a cappuccino thanks.

STEVE Do you have wine?

ASSISTANT No sir. We don’t serve alcohol. We have coffee, tea, soft drinks and juices.

STEVE Okay. I’d like a… orange juice and a pie with chips. Do you have sauce?

ASSISTANT Just help yourself. And I’ll bring the food when it’s ready.

STEVE Thankyou.
They eat their lunch at an outside table.

ANNE Is that good?

STEVE It’s delicious. You should try one. It’s real Aussie food.

ANNE Maybe one day. I don’t eat a lot of meat.

STEVE How’s your coffee?

ANNE It’s very good. Don’t you drink coffee?

STEVE Sometimes. I prefer tea. Or juice. So, was the koala the best?

ANNE Oh, definitely. The kangaroos were interesting too. I’ve never seen real ones before. And the birds are wonderful. I think I liked the birds the most. They’re so colourful, and so many different kinds. What about you? What did you like best?

STEVE Just being here.
He gives her a longing look.

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