Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 14. Are there some kangaroos?


1. The & A - 2. A & An - 3. Is There / Are There - 4. Sequence Words

ANNE and STEVE go to a Wildlife Park
ANNE and STEVE are buying tickets. STEVE pays for the tickets and gives her one.

STEVE Two, please. And a bag of food.

SHOP ASSISTANT There are your tickets. Have a nice day

ANNE How much do I owe you?

STEVE That’s okay. It’s my treat.

ANNE Thankyou. I’ll buy lunch. Is there somewhere to have lunch?

STEVE Of course. There’s a café just over there. What do you want to do first?

ANNE I really want to hold a koala. Is there a koala here?

STEVE Yes! It’s the most popular animal! We might have to queue though.

ANNE I don’t mind. What else is there? Are there some kangaroos?

STEVE Of course. There are lots.

ANNE And birds? I’ve heard Australian birds are amazing.

STEVE Don’t worry. You’ll get to see lots of birds.

ANNE What shall we do first?

STEVE Well, the kangaroos are just over there. And I think the birds are next, and next…

ANNE …we’ll cuddle a koala!

STEVE Sure! And after that?

ANNE After that, I’ll buy you lunch.

STEVE It’s a deal!
They head off into the park.

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