Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 13. What are you doing tomorrow?


1. Telephone Requests - 2. Taking Telephone Calls - 3. Telephone Numbers - 4. Making A Date - 5. Present Continuous

STEVE makes a date with ANNE
STEVE is nervously fiddling with the phone. He starts ringing, then puts it down, then rings again.
At the hotel, the CLERK answers the phone.

CLERK Medina Hotel. Marie speaking. How may I help you?

STEVE Can I speak to Ms Anne Lee, please? I’m not sure what room she’s in.
The CLERK puts the call through.

CLERK I’ll put you through sir.
In her room, ANNE is looking through some wine catalogues. The PHONE rings.

ANNE Hello?

STEVE Hello. Anne? This is Steve Parker.

ANNE (puzzled)
Steve Parker?

STEVE Steve... Sarah’s brother. We met...

ANNE (surprised, but pleased)
Oh, Steve! Hello Steve.

STEVE Hi. What are you doing?

ANNE Oh, working. I’m planning a trip to the wineries later in the week.

STEVE Oh. When are you going?

ANNE Ah,Wednesday.

STEVE Oh, good. What are you doing tomorrow?

ANNE Nothing. Why?

STEVE Well I have the day off, and I was just wondering... well I was just wondering whether you wanted to go to a wildlife park... with me. You said you’d like to go to the zoo.

ANNE That’s right, I did. Yes, thankyou Steve, I’d love to go.

STEVE Alright! I’ll meet you in the foyer. Ten o’clock?

ANNE Okay, ten. I’ll see you then.

STEVE Great! Goodnight Anne.

ANNE Goodnight Steve.
She hangs up, pleased.

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