Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 12. The day after tomorrow


1. Making Arrangements - 2. Shall - 3. Adjectival Numbers - 4. Dates - 5. At, On & In - 6. Fractions

ANNE and SARAH plan a meeting.
SARAH is working at her computer. ANNE knocks at the open door.

SARAH Come in Anne.

ANNE Good morning!

SARAH Good morning. Are you feeling better today?

ANNE Yes thank you.

SARAH What’s on the agenda?

ANNE I’m thinking about this trip to the wineries. I want to meet your main suppliers and talk to them about the market.

SARAH Great. They’ve been dying to meet you. When do you want to go?

ANNE As soon as possible. How about tomorrow?

SARAH I can’t tomorrow. I’ve got some other appointments. What about the day after tomorrow?

ANNE Yes, that’s good. It’s Monday today, so that will be Wednesday. What date is that?

SARAH The fifth of November.

ANNE Okay. What time shall we meet?

SARAH I’ll pick you up at nine o-clock.

ANNE Good. How many wineries do you think we’ll be able to see?

SARAH I’m not sure, four or five. Definitely our biggest suppliers, and maybe a few surprises.

ANNE I can’t wait. Will it take all day?

SARAH Most of the day. I’ll start ringing now, and let them know we have a very important client all the way from Singapore.

ANNE Thankyou. I’m looking forward to it.

SARAH Me too.

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