Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 11. Let me Help


1. Offering help - 2. Adjectives - 3. Describing People - 4. A Bit, Very, Fairly, Quite

SARAH offers to help ANNE

SARAH Can I help you find your brother?

ANNE You’re very kind. But it’s not your problem.

SARAH I want to help. What can I do?

ANNE Well, maybe you could get some copies made of this photograph.
She shows SARAH the PHOTOGRAPH of her brother.

SARAH Sure. I’d love to. Anything.
She looks closely at the photograph.

SARAH He’s very good looking. Such a nice smile. Is he tall?

ANNE Fairly tall.

SARAH He looks very fit. Does he play a lot of sport?

ANNE No, he used to.

SARAH What does he do? Is he a student?

ANNE He’s not really academic. He’s clever, but he prefers to do things with his hands.

SARAH He sounds nice. I’m looking forward to meeting him.
ANNE smiles at the encouragement.

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