Thursday, May 31, 2007

075. His parents enjoined good conduct on their son.

1. His parents enjoined good conduct on their son.
(A) admonished
(B) complied with
(C) acquiesced in
(D) compelled

2. South Africa has experienced generations of racial enmity.
(A) amity
(B) animosity
(C) empathy
(D) comity

3. The enormity of the task confounded him.
(A) triviality
(B) diminutiveness
(C) tininess
(D) hugeness

4. The crimes ensue from lack of good education.
(A) antecede
(B) forerun
(C) preface
(D) derive

5. The project will entail enormous expense and labor upon the city government.
(A) relinquish
(B) impose; require
(C) rebate
(D) rectify

6. The firm hopelessly got entangled in financial difficulties.
(A) disengaged
(B) extricated
(C) involved
(D) relieved

7. From the moment he saw her picture, he was enthralled by her beauty.
(A) emancipated
(B) bored
(C) captured
(D) disgruntled

8. The boy was enticed to do something wrong.
(A) scared
(B) alarmed
(C) frightened
(D) tempted

9. Each entity of the series requires separate study.
(A) thing
(B) illusion
(C) shade
(D) elation

10. Some of the entrails are valued as food.
(A) levels
(B) bowls
(C) bowers
(D) inner parts of animals

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