Thursday, May 31, 2007

073. The new project is still in embryo.

1. The new project is still in embryo.
(A) maturity
(B) beginning
(C) precociousness
(D) precedence

2. The truth they wanted finally emerged as a result of the investigation.
(A) faded
(B) loomed
(C) evaporated
(D) dissolved

3. After a lifetime's eminent services, the employee retired.
(A) mediocre
(B) unrenowned
(C) distinguished
(D) industrious

4. The emissary failed to complete his mission.
(A) disciple
(B) messenger
(C) scholar
(D) editor

5. The volcano emits smoke and ashes once in a while.
(A) discharges
(B) sucks
(C) eludes
(D) clogs

6. Don't trust the quack doctor who has only an empirical knowledge of medicine.
(A) experiential
(B) theoretical
(C) ideal
(D) conjectural

7. As long as our political leaders emulate the virtues of the great leaders of this country, we shall flourish.
(A) encounter
(B) enact
(C) rival
(D) enamor

8. We were all enchanted with her singing.
(A) let down
(B) enthralled
(C) disillusioned
(D) disappointed

9. This is the book which encompasses almost all the range of man's religious beliefs.
(A) includes
(B) exudes
(C) inhales
(D) exhales

10. The encroachment of the factories upon the neighborhood lowered the value of the real estate.
(A) encounter
(B) avoidance
(C) gradual intrusion
(D) contribution

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