Thursday, May 31, 2007

072. The prisoner's long period of starvation left him wan and emaciated

1. The prisoner's long period of starvation left him wan and emaciated.
(A) lean
(B) obese
(C) corpulent
(D) chubby

2. A strong odor of sulphur emanated from the spring.
(A) retreated
(B) issued
(C) flayed
(D) frayed

3. At first, the attempt of the Abolitionists to emancipate the slaves was unpopular in New England as well as in the South.
(A) fetter
(B) shackle
(C) enslave
(D) set free

4. The memory of oil embargo laid by the Arabs is still vivid.
(A) labyrinth
(B) prohibition
(C) know-how
(D) industry

5. The brothers are embarking on a new business.
(A) entering
(B) closing
(C) inventing
(D) rejoicing

6. She embellished her dress with lace and ribbons.
(A) divested
(B) sewed
(C) stripped
(D) adorned

7. The bank teller confessed his embezzlement of the funds.
(A) deposit
(B) stealing
(C) loan
(D) allowance

8. The olive branch is the emblem of peace.
(A) symbol
(B) foundation
(C) base
(D) emaciation

9. The soldier embroidered the story of his adventures in the army.
(A) played down
(B) understated
(C) deemphasized
(D) embellished

10. He became embroiled in the heated discussion when he tried to arbitrate the dispute.
(A) disentangled
(B) involved
(C) extricated
(D) exempted

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