Thursday, May 31, 2007

069. Don't speak so loud; someone is eavesdropping

1. Don't speak so loud; someone is eavesdropping.
(A) dozing
(B) browsing
(C) drowsing
(D) listening secretly

2. Her bubbling ebullience was infectious.
(A) apathy
(B) languor
(C) lethargy
(D) buoyancy

3. Some friends of his look upon him as an eccentric person.
(A) typical
(B) odd
(C) habitual
(D) normal

4. The theologian is well versed in ecclesiastical law.
(A) courtly
(B) secular
(C) pertaining to the church
(D) military

5. John is quite eclipsed by his brother.
(A) irritated
(B) exasperated
(C) obscured
(D) upset

6. The novice was in ecstasy over flying.
(A) dejection
(B) oppression
(C) melancholy
(D) rapture

7. They are looking for edible seaweeds.
(A) poisonous
(B) detrimental
(C) deleterious
(D) eatable

8. The marble edifice is now used as a museum.
(A) barn
(B) large building
(C) hut
(D) hutch

9. In that eerie setting, it was easy to believe in ghosts and other supernatural beings.
(A) natural
(B) average
(C) weird
(D) earthy

10. The coin had been handled for so many times that its date had been effaced.
(A) shined
(B) purified
(C) rubbed out
(D) surged

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