Thursday, May 31, 2007

066. She came to her marriage with no dowry.

1. She came to her marriage with no dowry.
(A) education
(B) talent
(C) affection
(D) property

2. Having watched television, the boy was inclined to doze at his desk.
(A) work
(B) drowse
(C) browse
(D) study

3. He is leading a drab existence.
(A) bawdy
(B) dull
(C) significant
(D) busy

4. There were heavy drapes at the window.
(A) cloth hangings
(B) panes
(C) sills
(D) bolts

5. Drastic measures have been taken to stop the crime wave.
(A) mild
(B) extreme
(C) lukewarm
(D) lenient

6. Everything has its drawback.
(A) virtue
(B) advantage
(C) merit
(D) demerit

7. What a dreary day it is !
(A) bright
(B) gloomy
(C) fine
(D) cheerful

8. Thieves and murderers are regarded as the dregs of society.
(C) dignitaries
(D) celebrities

9. The campers were drenched.
(A) baked
(B) seared
(C) deluged
(D) soaked

10. That faucet is dribbling.
(A) trickling
(B) flooding
(C) down-pouring
(D) droning

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