Thursday, May 31, 2007

064. The paths diverge at the fork in the road

1. The paths diverge at the fork in the road.
(A) converge
(B) conform
(C) branch off
(D) brawl

2. There are diverse ways of approaching this problem.
(A) identical
(B) selfsame
(C) equivalent
(D) various

3. The deputy was divested of power to take care of the business.
(A) invested
(B) stripped
(C) distilled
(D) distributed

4. He won't tell you the news because he is afraid you will divulge it prematurely.
(A) keep
(B) retain
(C) detain
(D) reveal

5. The speed with which she dispatched her tasks made the onlookers dizzy.
(A) puzzled
(B) sober
(C) divine
(D) dissipated

6. Docile as he seems today, that old lion was once a ferocious, snarling beast.
(A) obstinate
(B) obedient
(C) intractable
(D) head-strong

7. She dodged her suitors with ease.
(A) bantered
(B) defied
(C) evaded
(D) confronted

8. Although we find occasional snatches of genuine poetry in his works, most of his writing is mere doggerel.
(A) epic
(B) elegy
(C) dirge
(D) poor verse

9. Sometimes a dogma is so convincing that an ordinary person will take it for truth without any doubt.
(A) tenet; doctrine
(B) verity
(C) veracity
(D) derision

10. The memory of the economic doldrums of the early seventies is still vivid.
(A) buoyancy
(B) elasticity
(C) resilience
(D) depression

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