Thursday, May 31, 2007

063. Do you dissent from what the speaker has said ?

1. Do you dissent from what the speaker has said ?
(A) differ from
(B) accede to
(C) acquiesce in
(D) assent to

2. In order to earn a graduate degree from most universities, a candidate is frequently required to prepare a dissertation on some scholarly subject.
(A) treatise; thesis
(B) discussion
(C) treaty
(D) pact

3. The dissident was exiled for life.
(A) conformist
(B) royalist
(C) misanthropist
(D) dissenter

4. The young man quickly dissipated his inheritance.
(A) bequeathed
(B) donated
(C) squandered
(D) contributed

5. The dissolute life led by those nobles was indeed shocking.
(A) disciplined
(B) principled
(C) conscientious
(D) profligate

6. Some contemporary musicians deliberately use dissonance to achieve certain effects.
(A) musicality
(B) musicale
(C) discord
(D) harmony

7. The event was distorted by newspaper accounts.
(A) misrepresented
(B) misprinted
(C) expounded
(D) erased

8. The noise drove him distracted.
(A) upset
(B) exude
(C) extenuated
(D) ecstatic

9. The distraught parents searched the ravine for their lost child.
(A) agitated
(B) consoled
(C) composed
(D) divested

10. A farmer cannot neglect his diurnal tasks at any time; cows, for example, must be milked regularly.
(A) nocturnal
(B) daily
(C) diverted
(D) diverse

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