Thursday, May 31, 2007

062. The employee was dismayed by the task that lay ahead.

1. The employee was dismayed by the task that lay ahead.
(A) assured
(B) provoked
(C) disheartened
(D) ensured

2. Don't disparage anyone's contribution; these little gifts add up to large sums.
(A) maximize
(B) belittle
(C) applaud
(D) moralize

3. Their stories showed significant disparity.
(A) meaning
(B) sense
(C) difference
(D) equivalence

4. Many household gadgets are readily dispensable.
(A) unnecessary
(B) imperative
(C) vital
(D) essential

5. The police dispersed the lookers-on.
(A) dispelled
(B) assembled
(C) convened
(D) congregated

6. Jim is a man of irritable disposition.
(A) behavior
(B) bearing
(C) action
(D) temper

7. Factious quarrels may disrupt the state.
(A) split
(B) unite
(C) disrepute
(D) mop up

8. Some girl students could not stand seeing the frogs dissected.
(A) compounded
(B) anatomized
(C) composed
(D) constituted

9. Even though you are trying to dissemble your motive in joining this group, we can see through your pretense.
(A) reveal
(B) disguise
(C) divulge
(D) disclose

10. The invention of television helped to disseminate learning.
(A) block
(B) spread
(C) hamper
(D) encumber

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