Thursday, May 31, 2007

059. Some people are dilatory in paying their bills.

1. Some people are dilatory in paying their bills.
(A) prompt
(B) delaying
(C) sedulous
(D) assiduous

2. In his dilemma, he knew no one to whom he could turn for advice.
(A) diagnosis
(B) diatribe
(C) predicament
(D) dialogue

3. Mr. Morris is proud of being a dilettante.
(A) expert
(B) artist
(C) architect
(D) connoisseur

4. Please dilute the acid before you use it.
(A) concentrate
(B) enhance
(C) make thinner
(D) dim

5. Civil war diminished that nation's strength.
(A) aggravated
(B) decreased
(C) intensified
(D) augmented

6. People ignored his dire prediction of anothe rapproaching depression.
(A) blissful
(B) felicitous
(C) euphoric
(D) dreadful

7. The funeral dirge stirred the mourners to tears
(A) scenario
(B) musical lament
(C) carol
(D) prologue

8. Sometimes, things get into disarray.
(A) order
(B) disorder
(C) diminution
(D) dinosaur

9. Carelessness in driving often results in disastrous accidents.
(A) providential
(B) celestial
(C) dialectic
(D) calamitous

10. The dance group disbanded after a farewell performance.
(A) broke up
(B) combined
(C) congregated
(D) disbursed

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