Thursday, May 31, 2007

058. Mrs. Smith is a devout churchgoer.

1. Mrs. Smith is a devout churchgoer.
(A) impious
(B) apostate
(C) pious
(D) backsliding

2. The magician was so dexterous that we could not follow him as he performed his tricks.
(A) inept
(B) gauche
(C) maladroit
(D) skilled

3. Hijacking is a diabolic crime.
(A) angelic
(B) devilish
(C) chivalrous
(D) cavalier

4. Your demand that I respond either with a "yes" or "no" presupposes a dichotomy of choice on the issue that I don't accept.
(A) command
(B) option
(C) division
(D) chance

5. His speech to the freshmen was painfully didactic.
(A) ecstatic
(B) moralizing
(C) nonsensical
(D) meaningful

6. A salesman must overcome his diffidence.
(A) self-assurance
(B) lack of confidence
(C) presumption
(D) overconfidence

7. Your composition suffers from a diffusion of ideas, try to be more compact.
(A) wordiness
(B) pithiness
(C) terseness
(D) succinctness

8. The speaker digressed into too many side issues.
(A) strayed
(B) concentrated
(C) proceeded
(D) focused

9. The wall dilapidates rapidly.
(A) dries
(B) damps
(C) falls into pieces
(D) swells

10. In the dark, the pupils of your eyes dilate.
(A) shrink
(B) constrict
(C) attenuate
(D) expand

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