Thursday, May 31, 2007

057. The road quickly deteriorated into a bumpy path.

1. The road quickly deteriorated into a bumpy path.
(A) ameliorated
(B) worsened; degenerated
(C) enhanced
(D) heightened

2. Violence is a detestable means.
(A) adorable
(B) abominable
(C) commendable
(D) effective

3. We had to make a detour because the main road was jammed.
(A) short cut
(B) roundabout way
(C) straight road
(D) slippery path

4. The famous artist still has his detractors.
(A) chums
(B) sponsors
(C) slanderers
(D) patrons

5. Smoking is detrimental to health.
(A) conducive
(B) helpful
(C) beneficial
(D) deleterious

6. A devastating war has impoverished Vietnam.
(A) developing
(B) ravaging
(C) detractive
(D) desultory

7. No deviation from traditional methods was permitted in preparation for the banquet.
(A) accordance
(B) departure
(C) correspondence
(D) conformity

8. He was suspected to have become rich by devious ways.
(A) crooked
(B) honest
(C) worthwhile
(D) affable

9. The social worker was devoid of any personal desire for gain.
(A) full
(B) replete
(C) furnished
(D) empty

10. The hungry man was devouring his food.
(A) eating up greedily
(B) swallowing slowly
(C) chewing
(D) digesting

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