Thursday, May 31, 2007

056. Don't desecrate the temple.

1. Don't desecrate the temple.
(A) build
(B) destroy
(C) profane
(D) dedicate

2. The island was desolate.
(A) inhabited
(B) deserted
(C) cultivated
(D) ploughed

3. Just ignore his despicable remarks.
(A) contemptible
(B) graceful
(C) decent
(D) reputable

4. A great number of cities of Greece and Asia were despoiled of their most valuable ornaments.
(A) restored
(B) plundered
(C) reputed
(D) nourished

5. The young man is despondent about his health.
(A) happy
(B) buoyant
(C) depressed
(D) consolable

6. The people rebelled against the despotic king.
(A) pathetic
(B) tyrannical
(C) decrepit
(D) deleterious

7. The father's death left the family destitute.
(A) sad
(B) despondent
(C) extremely poor
(D) disconsolate

8. What is the use of their desultory research ?
(A) aimless
(B) purposeful
(C) hard-working
(D) assiduous

9. Numerous obstacles in the way of a real detent remain to be seen.
(A) relaxing of tension
(B) peace
(C) detention
(D) detergent

10. This chemical is used to deter rot.
(A) abet
(B) prevent
(C) instigate
(D) provoke

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