Thursday, May 31, 2007

055. The city of Taipei has a very dense population.

1. The city of Taipei has a very dense population.
(A) dissipated
(B) sparse
(C) tenuous
(D) compact; crowded

2. In that book, the author depicts the slave owners as kind and benevolent masters.
(A) praises
(B) scorns
(C) discovers
(D) portrays

3. We must wait until we deplete our present inventory before we order replacements.
(A) use up
(B) augment
(C) bolster
(D) import

4. They deplored the death of their capable and magnanimous leader.
(A) denounced
(B) rejoiced
(C) bemoaned
(D) vaunted

5. His is gentlemanly deportment.
(A) deposition
(B) depot
(C) vulgarity
(D) bearing

6. Rumors tend to deprave the morale of the troops.
(A) corrupt
(B) elevate
(C) exalt
(D) ennoble

7. I must deprecate your negative attitude.
(A) endorse
(B) disapprove
(C) comment
(D) favor

8. The derelict ship was a menace to navigation.
(A) newly-built
(B) nuclear
(C) stupendous
(D) abandoned

9. His colleagues derided his grandiose scheme.
(A) lauded
(B) denied
(C) derailed
(D) ridiculed

10. We can barely descry the vessels in the distance.
(A) attack
(B) assail
(C) assault
(D) see

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