Thursday, May 31, 2007

054. Each person has his merits and demerits.

1. Each person has his merits and demerits.
(A) virtues
(B) imperfections
(C) strong points
(D) strengths

2. Upon the demise of the dictator, a bitter dispute about succession to power developed.
(A) survival
(B) death
(C) purgation
(D) illness

3. He majors in demography.
(A) zoology
(B) biology
(C) ornithology
(D) statistical study of human populations

4. A hurricane demolished many a house.
(A) framed
(B) destroyed
(C) reared
(D) raised

5. The demon of avarice ruined his own happiness.
(A) god
(B) goddess
(C) devil
(D) angel

6. Don't demur at her request.
(A) concur with
(B) comply with
(C) object to
(D) brace up

7. The little girl looked demure.
(A) innocent
(B) naive
(C) serious
(D) hilarious

8. Don't go near the den if you are not well armed.
(A) river
(B) brook
(C) crevice
(D) lair

9. The child's pulse is too quick; it denotes fever.
(A) indicates
(B) denominates
(C) defies
(D) devises

10. The denouement of the play is a happy ending.
(A) outcome
(B) prologue
(C) plot
(D) characterization

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