Thursday, May 31, 2007

051. America's debacle in Vietnam will long be remembered...

1. America's debacle in Vietnam will long be remembered.
(A) defeat
(B) victory
(C) triumph
(D) restoration

2. Overindulgence debilitates character as well as physical stamina.
(A) fortifies
(B) reinforces
(C) rejuvenates
(D) weakens

3. The debonair youth was liked by all who met him.
(A) suave
(B) gloomy
(C) grim
(D) austere

4. The street was covered with debris from the explosion.
(A) debauchery
(B) scattered fragments
(C) debit
(D) dean

5. The actress' debut on the stage was a success.
(A) first public performance
(B) acting
(C) farewell party
(D) deceit

6. The oak is a deciduous tree.
(A) deceased
(B) deceptive
(C) decadent
(D) shedding leaves annually

7. Her decorous behavior was praised by her teachers.
(A) indecent
(B) blatant
(C) proper
(D) clamorous

8. They found his conduct quite lacking in decorum.
(A) propriety
(B) spirit
(C) deduction
(D) decoy

9. Many people still believe in decree of fate.
(A) debility
(B) debacle
(C) dearth
(D) directive

10. The decrepit car blocked traffic on the highway.
(A) hale
(B) worn-out
(C) sturdy
(D) stalwart

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