Thursday, May 31, 2007

050. The newspaper reported that a gangster was stabbed ...

1. The newspaper reported that a gangster was stabbed with a dagger by another gangster.
(A) short, pointed weapon
(B) ax
(C) hatchet
(D) spear

2. The violet is a dainty spring flower.
(A) coarse
(B) vulgar
(C) delicate
(D) gross

3. Leartes told his sister Ophelia that Prince Hamlet could only dally with her affections.
(A) rush
(B) trifle
(C) scurry
(D) hasten

4. Almost no one likes damp weather.
(A) arid
(B) dry
(C) wet
(D) sultry

5. The leaves dangled in the wind.
(A) hung and swung
(B) rushed
(C) flooded
(D) deluged

6. The snake darted out its tongue.
(A) shrank
(B) shot and threw
(C) munched
(D) flinched

7. Despite the dangerous nature of the undertaking, the dauntless soldier volunteered for the assignment.
(A) hesitant
(B) reluctant
(C) courageous
(D) timid

8. Inasmuch as we must meet a deadline, don't dawdle over this work.
(A) loiter
(B) rally
(C) stir
(D) expedite

9. The bright sunlight dazed him.
(A) heightened
(B) alerted
(C) dazzled
(D) deadened

10. The dearth of skilled labor compelled the employers to open trade schools.
(A) superfluity
(B) scarcity
(C) lavishness
(D) profusion

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