Thursday, May 31, 2007

044. Night and day are counterparts.

1. Night and day are counterparts.
(A) complements
(B) antidotes
(C) cosmos
(D) assignments

2. They drafted a covenant to defend their religion.
(A) contract
(B) epic
(C) elegy
(D) prologue

3. The shy boy took a covert glance of her.
(A) stealthy
(B) overt
(C) candid
(D) open

4. The covetous eye of the avid collector never left the curio.
(A) abstemious
(B) desirous
(C) liberal
(D) austere

5. The frightened child cowered in the corner of the room.
(A) shrank
(B) swaggered
(C) strutted
(D) bristled

6. She was coy in her answer to his offer.
(A) brash
(B) brazen
(C) impudent
(D) shy

7. Reading in a cozy room is an incomparable pleasure.
(A) chilly
(B) comfortable
(C) bleak
(D) astute

8. The crabbed old man was avoided by the children because he scolded them when they made noise.
(A) complaisant
(B) benign
(C) genial
(D) sour; peevish

9. The politician is as crafty as a fox.
(A) dignified
(B) gallant
(C) cunning
(D) elegant

10. She crammed all her clothes into the bag and had to sit on it to close it.
(A) tapped
(B) stuffed
(C) withdrew
(D) bared

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