Thursday, May 31, 2007

043. We received the guest with a cordial welcome.

1. We received the guest with a cordial welcome.
(A) frigid
(B) taciturn
(C) detached
(D) sincere

2. He is interested only in corporeal matters.
(A) spiritual
(B) psychic
(C) mental
(D) material

3. The corpulent man resolved to reduce.
(A) fat; obese
(B) thin
(C) lanky
(D) slender

4. A satire should expose nothing but what is corrigible.
(A) correctable
(B) incurable
(C) fatal
(D) vital

5. Rust has corroded the steel rails.
(A) tarnished
(B) embellished
(C) worn away
(D) corresponded

6. Cosmic forces produce stars and meteors.
(A) universal
(B) earthly
(C) terrestrial
(D) mundane

7. A real philosopher usually has a thoroughly cosmopolitan outlook on life.
(A) tunnel-visioned
(B) world-wide
(C) local
(D) provincial

8. Go and counsel him to wait for a more propitious occasion.
(A) force
(B) coerce
(C) advise
(D) repeal

9. Nature has given the Indian a hard and stern countenance.
(A) temperament
(B) disposition
(C) quality
(D) look

10. He was arrested for using counterfeit money.
(A) bona fide
(B) genuine
(C) authentic
(D) fake

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