Thursday, May 31, 2007

042. The council convened at 10 o'clock.

1. The council convened at 10 o'clock.
(A) ended
(B) assembled
(C) dispersed
(D) adjourned

2. The main streets converge on a central square.
(A) meet
(B) divide
(C) fork
(D) spray

3. Mr. Brown is thoroughly conversant with modern painting.
(A) ignorant of
(B) familiar with
(C) contemptuous of
(D) fond of

4. Chinese missionaries converted many Japanese to Buddhism.
(A) induced
(B) convoked
(C) convoluted
(D) correlated

5. Words often fail to convey our feelings.
(A) divert
(B) communicate
(C) erode
(D) huddle

6. The convivial celebrators of the victory sang their college song.
(A) jovial
(B) emotional
(C) eminent
(D) convincing

7. The merchant ship was convoyed by a destroyer.
(A) attacked
(B) assailed
(C) assaulted
(D) accompanied

8. That regime is undergoing a political convulsion.
(A) stability
(B) upheaval
(C) conciliation
(D) reshuffling

9. The company is trying to secure the closest coordination of effort from its employees.
(A) concord
(B) disparity
(C) variance
(D) strife

10. She had copious reasons to reject the proposal.
(A) meager
(B) sparse
(C) slim
(D) plentiful

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