Thursday, May 31, 2007

041. The sewage system of the city so contaminated

1. The sewage system of the city so contaminated the water that swimming was forbidden.
(A) consorted
(B) constrained
(C) polluted
(D) construed

2. All day she did nothing but contemplate her plan.
(A) roam
(B) drift
(C) coalesce
(D) ponder

3. This is not a time for contention.
(A) concurrence
(B) accord
(C) agreement
(D) argument

4. You must set aside some money for contingent expenses.
(A) unanticipated
(B) regular
(C) fixed
(D) definite

5. The clown contorted his face.
(A) smoothed
(B) ironed
(C) twisted
(D) powdered

6. The contour of the Atlantic coast of America is very irregular.
(A) thread
(B) length
(C) width
(D) outline

7. Her contrite tears did not influence the judge when he imposed sentence.
(A) sympathetic
(B) concerted
(C) remorseful
(D) diffident

8. He contrived a useful camp store from a few bricks and a piece of screen.
(A) controverted
(B) contravented
(C) conspired
(D) devised

9. The nobles used to treat the peasants with contumely.
(A) benevolence
(B) charity
(C) insult
(D) courtesy

10. The patient is convalescing.
(A) dying
(B) getting worse
(C) weakening
(D) recuperating

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