Thursday, May 31, 2007

038. The speaker confuted his opponents by facts and figures.

1. The speaker confuted his opponents by facts and figures.
(A) concurred with
(B) disproved
(C) cursed
(D) confused

2. His passion for the actress soon congealed.
(A) boiled
(B) rose
(C) soared
(D) froze; cooled

3. The free system of government is congenial with reason and common sense.
(A) antipathetic
(B) incompatible
(C) antagonistic
(D) harmonious

4. He is a congenital liar.
(A) acquired
(B) corrigible
(C) nurtured
(D) innate

5. The congregation of sightseers increases in summer.
(A) dispersal
(B) gathering
(C) departure
(D) conjugation

6. These clothes are congruous with her military bearing.
(A) compatible
(B) inconsistent
(C) conjectural
(D) contradictory

7. When he failed to arrive on time, she conjectured that he was drinking again.
(A) complained
(B) scolded
(C) reprimanded
(D) surmised

8. The magician could conjure a pigeon out of an empty hat.
(A) connote
(B) connate
(C) conceal
(D) summon

9. A policeman should not connive at gambling.
(A) frown
(B) repudiate
(C) spurn
(D) tolerate

10. Mr. Smith is a self-claimed connoisseur of fine wines.
(A) amateur
(B) critical judge
(C) dabbler
(D) tyro

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