Thursday, May 31, 2007

036. A chemist can separate a medicine into its components

1. A chemist can separate a medicine into its components.
(A) admixtures
(B) mixtures
(C) elements
(D) complexities

2. She is cool, composed, mistress of herself and her destiny.
(A) agitated
(B) worried
(C) eager
(D) poised

3. Have you no compunction when you see the result of your act ?
(A) brazenness
(B) callousness
(C) grudge
(D) remorse

4. He lost a lot of money in a con game.
(A) cheating
(B) fair
(C) equitable
(D) competitive

5. They finally conceded defeat.
(A) gainsaid
(B) denied
(C) admitted
(D) gave up

6. His constant boasting is an indication of conceit.
(A) self-importance
(B) modesty
(C) self-depreciation
(D) humility

7. We must take concerted action.
(A) isolated
(B) individual
(C) independent
(D) combined

8. John tried to conciliate her with a gift.
(A) alienate
(B) estrange
(C) provoke
(D) appease

9. The essay is concise and explicit.
(A) redundant
(B) verbose
(C) terse
(D) voluble

10. Do you concur with the speaker in his viewpoint ?
(A) agree
(B) contend
(C) altercate
(D) argue

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