Thursday, May 31, 2007

035. The students enjoyed his compact speech.

1. The students enjoyed his compact speech.
(A) pithy
(B) slack
(C) tenuous
(D) loose

2. We should be compassionate toward the miserable.
(A) relentless
(B) sympathetic
(C) adamant
(D) inexorable

3. Health and hard work are often compatible.
(A) inconsistent
(B) disagreeable
(C) harmonious
(D) incongruous

4. The philanthropist looks upon all men as his compatriots.
(A) fellow countrymen
(B) opponents
(C) foes
(D) competitors

5. He writes with a compendious style.
(A) gaudy
(B) verbose
(C) concise
(D) complex

6. The boss found his assistant very competent.
(A) slow
(B) shoddy
(C) shabby
(D) able

7. The upstart has a complacent air of superiority that often mars an ignorant self-made man.
(A) intelligent
(B) benign
(C) diffident
(D) self-satisfied

8. The courtier obeyed the king's orders in a complaisant manner.
(A) rigorous
(B) masterful
(C) obliging
(D) disobedient

9. Your story puts a different complexion on the matter.
(A) complexity
(B) companion
(C) appearance
(D) conformity

10. He was compliant and ready to conform to the pattern set by his parents.
(A) complacent
(B) complaisant
(C) submissive
(D) capable

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