Thursday, May 31, 2007

033. Some flowers grow in clusters.

1. Some flowers grow in clusters.
(A) singles
(B) groups
(C) coaches
(D) coalitions

2. She coaxed her friend to help her with mathematics.
(A) forced
(B) coerced
(C) bullied
(D) cajoled

3. Mothers tend to coddle their children who are in poor health.
(A) pamper
(B) ruin
(C) circumvent
(D) churn

4. Don't coerce him into doing anything he has aversion to.
(A) beg
(B) force
(C) convince
(D) ignite

5. He presented cogent arguments to the jury.
(A) impotent
(B) feeble
(C) convincing
(D) ineffective

6. Please cogitate on this problem; the solution will come up.
(A) think over
(B) clinch
(C) clump
(D) clutch

7. Solids have a greater tendency to cohere than liquids.
(A) separate
(B) isolate
(C) stick together
(D) alienate

8. Two writers collaborated in preparing that text book.
(A) collated
(B) collapsed
(C) worked together
(D) coincided

9. If the aims of two countries collide, there may be war.
(A) conflict
(B) parallel
(C) soar
(D) hike

10. I enjoy our colloquy, but I hope it could be made more searching and formal next time.
(A) informal discussion
(B) conference
(C) regime
(D) lyceum

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