Thursday, May 31, 2007

031. A chivalrous man is hard to find nowadays

1.A chivalrous man is hard to find nowadays.
(A) knightly
(B) churlish
(C) stingy
(D) meanly

2. His flushed, angry face indicated a choleric nature.
(A) placid
(B) serene
(C) nonchalant
(D) irascible

3. Mark Twain's mother was a chronic invalid.
(A) fatal
(B) habitual
(C) capacious
(D) capricious

4. The chubby baby is the pearl to the family.
(A) round
(B) slim
(C) lanky
(D) smart

5. She was chuckling to herself over what she was reading.
(A) chopping
(B) giggling
(C) meditating
(D) sobbing

6. Dismayed by his churlish manners at the party, the girls vowed never to invite him again.
(A) funny
(B) rude
(C) ludicrous
(D) mild

7. Although I don't wish to circumscribe your activities, I must insist that you complete this assignment before you start anything else.
(A) circulate
(B) confine
(C) chew
(D) churn

8. You must be circumspect in your decision.
(A) unbending
(B) limited
(C) resolute
(D) cautious

9. In order to circumvent the enemy, they will make two preliminary attacks in other sections before starting their major campaign.
(A) conform
(B) baffle
(C) succumb to
(D) yield to

10. The citadel overlooked the city like a protecting angel.
(A) canopy
(B) fortress
(C) lark
(D) eagle

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