Thursday, May 31, 2007

030. The Christians chanted the praise of God.

1.The Christians chanted the praise of God.
(A) sang
(B) prayed
(C) characterized
(D) blasted

2. The typhoon left chaos behind it.
(A) mess
(B) catastrophe
(C) calamity
(D) disaster

3. Political commentators have explored the importance of a candidate's charisma in these days of television campaigning.
(A) caliber
(B) intelligence
(C) charm
(D) wit

4. Some professions are overrun with charlatans and rogues.
(A) technicians
(B) mechanics
(C) quacks
(D) prodigies

5. They could not see the bottom of the chasm.
(A) captivation
(B) cannibalism
(C) calumniation
(D) abyss

6. The mother is going to chastise her son for his misdemeanor.
(A) reward
(B) eulogize
(C) punish
(D) cede

7. We should cherish no resentment toward those who decline our request.
(A) scorn
(B) nurse
(C) repudiate
(D) abandon

8. Grandma chided Junior for his lying.
(A) endorsed
(B) sanctioned
(C) commended
(D) scolded

9. Look at those sparrows chirping on the tree.
(A) singing
(B) hopping
(C) flying
(D) hiding

10. The artist was chiseling a statue from the marble.
(A) overreaching
(B) billing
(C) defrauding
(D) sculpturing

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