Thursday, May 31, 2007

028. Children like to engage in all kinds of capers.

1.Children like to engage in all kinds of capers.
(A) charities
(B) capacities
(C) capsules
(D) pranks

2. A mature person will not act from caprice.
(A) constancy
(B) stability
(C) conscience
(D) change of mind

3. This is a matter of cardinal significance.
(A) trivial
(B) petty
(C) cankerous
(D) essential

4. The party degenerated into an ugly carousal.
(A) sobriety
(B) awakening
(C) drunken revel
(D) fight

5. He used to carol in the morning when he was happy.
(A) sing joyously
(B) feel downcast
(C) take a shower
(D) become moody

6. We could not appreciate the beauty of the many cascades as we were forced to make detours around each of them.
(A) abyss
(B) lakes
(C) small waterfalls
(D) canvasses

7. A cataclysm such as World War II affected all the countries in the world.
(A) casualty
(B) cask
(C) censor
(D) violent upheaval

8. The major catalyst in the English-language explosion was war.
(A) stimulus
(B) catalog
(C) castle
(D) catacomb

9. The rain cataracted down the windowpanes.
(A) poured
(B) drizzled
(C) seized
(D) duped

10. The flood was a catastrophe.
(A) calamity
(B) cavalier
(C) cavity
(D) cavil

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