Thursday, May 31, 2007

027. We all enjoyed the melody with beautiful cadence

1.We all enjoyed the melody with beautiful cadence.
(A) poetry
(B) prose
(C) verse
(D) rhythm

2. It is difficult to cajole such a stubborn person into consent.
(A) coax
(B) defend
(C) bully
(D) intimidate

3. The manager is a man of caliber.
(A) merit
(B) demerit
(C) defect
(D) drawback

4. Only a callous person like him could see suffering without trying to relieve it.
(A) unfeeling
(B) emotional
(C) compassionate
(D) sympathetic

5. They camouflaged the ship by painting it gray.
(A) disguised
(B) hinted
(C) revealed
(D) campaigned

6. A candid assessment is sometimes offensive.
(A) frank; sincere
(B) subjective
(C) evasive
(D) selfish

7. Boswell accepted Johnson's pats and insults with canine fidelity.
(A) dog-like
(B) feline
(C) brusque
(D) curt

8. Money, when corruptly used, can be a canker.
(A) blessing
(B) felicity
(C) tool
(D) disease

9. You are dealing with a canny businessman
(A) honest
(B) clever
(C) asinine
(D) blockheaded

10. The candidate was canting brotherly love.
(A) talking insincerely about
(B) promoting
(C) praising
(D) denouncing

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